[10:29] New in Windows Azure – Access Control Service, Caching, CDN, Traffic Manager.
We saw Facebook & Twitter icons around ACS. Hopefully, it wasn’t just clipart and they are supported.

[10:26] Umbraco CMS demo. Another .NET based open source project. The twist – running on Windows Azure cloud. Currently used by mainstream sites like vogue.co.uk.
Allows you to scale the instances and looks like it gives you a lot of control on the cloud.

[10:12] Orchard CMS Demo. Open Source project that Microsoft is contributing to.  It’s no Sitecore, but still worth taking a look at.

[10:10] WebMatrix helpers

[9:58] Microsoft WebMatrix Demo. It’s your basic website in a box. TemplateMonster sells WebMatrix templates. You set up your site by choosing the packages you want. Packages are like WordPress plugins.

[9:51] Looking at a demo with MVC3.  Awesome integration with HTML5.  Didn’t see the need during MVC v1 or v2, but this may be worth taking a look at.

[9:45] ASP.NET MVC3 Tools Update

[9:43] Scott Gurthrie. Starting off with a bang?? Charlie Sheen #WINNING/tigerblood joke. really? Talking about the Microsoft Web Platform

[9:41]IE10 Recap Slide

[9:39] Looking at SVG canvas video performance on IE10 vs. Chrome. IE10 does it faster.

[9:37] Microsoft PDC announced – Anaheim, CA – Sep 13-16, 2011.

[9:31] CSS3 columns, “Strict”, CSS gradients – all looks great on IE10.  What happened to IE9? More markup needed to do the same on Chrome than IE10, even though Chrome can do it.

[9:27] Looking at IE10 demo.  I need to call my QA team ASAP and get them to start cross-browser testing.  Another jab at Chrome not being able to support video hardware acceleration.

[9:26] It’s not about how many releases there are. It’s about how much progress is made.

[9:23] Wow. Xtranormal animation mocking Chrome and Websockets. Yes. This is really happening.

[9:21] Native experiences are better.  IE9 delivers that. Browsers that optimize for the operating system are better. IE9 with Windows 7 is better.  Browsers that spread themselves over multiple OS’s can’t concentrate on optimization (really? This guy is telling Chrome to go eff itself)

[9:18] IE9 vs. Chrome – IE9 has hardware graphics acceleration.  Painball demo is much faster.

[9:13] Looking at some great HTML5 sites.

[9:07]  Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate VP, Internet Explorer. Fan and Evangelist of HTML5.

  • Native Experiences – best experiences
  • Web experiences – most important experiences.
  • Best web experience – IE9 with HTML5