Max Slabyak

Deeply rooted from software engineering, cyber security and computer science disciplines, Max brings over 21 years of award-winning IT experience with both, Fortune 500 and running several successful consultancies.

Max Slabyak is an award winning IT Leader, with diverse industry exposure, with an emphasis on Sitecore, web, CMS, e-commerce, cybersecurity, object-oriented programming, database development, .NET development, Sharepoint development, and process development. Hands-on experience with all stages of the software lifecycle process. Proven leadership abilities administering MIS operations and leading a web team of developers and designers.

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Sitecore Azure: Installation Prerequisites & Known Issues

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[UPDATE 7/13/2010]: Jesper Ravnsgaard, the product manager for Sitecore Azure, was kind enough to point out some corrections.  They are below in blue next to the crossed-out text. This post will cover the prerequisites and getting out the gate with Sitecore Azure.  If you haven’t yet received your Azure account credentials, check [...]

Sitecore Azure: “To The Cloud” Series

Categories: To The Cloud Series|

For those that follow my blog closely, you probably noticed that frequency of my posts has slightly decreased. Despite the workload, Azure has been a hot topic and has been bugging me for attention for quite a bit now. I don’t think my workload will free up anytime soon, but I’m going [...]

Sitecore’s CustomCache – A simple implementation

Categories: C#, Sitecore|

Sitecore comes stocked with a custom caching mechanism in its Sitecore.Caching namespace. Unfortunately, there is not much documentation on it, but this post will hopefully shed some light on this mysterious, yet useful object known as CustomCache. To implement, you will need 3 things: Your own CustomCache class A CacheManager class The [...]

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