The Relaunch of… Me

by Max Slabyak

And what site relaunch would be complete without a #bathroomselfie, am I right?

Why Relaunch?

My main reason for relaunching is the desire to, more or less, take control of my identity on the interwebz, i.e. what you get when you Google me. My name, my identity – that in itself, is, essentially, my brand. Companies invest a ton of resources into managing the PR of their brand.  It’s time for me to put in at least some effort into doing the same.

What is/was Image0?

– image – the impression of your/your company’s presence on the consumer
– the zero subscript means “initial”;
– image0 – the first impression your presence makes on the consumer

Started back in 1996, I treated it as a side project to put an identity behind my website design and development efforts.

I have gained a nice number of followers with my blog, writing about Sitecore, C#, and other topics on web development.  The main site for, quite the opposite, had gotten very stale with my last site reskin around 2005.  For that reason, this site is hosted on WordPress and will continue the blog format. I have imported a couple of popular posts from the old blog. Other posts will be ported over to GitHub.

Speaking of, I plan on adding a lot of goodness to my GitHub repository –, so be on the lookout. I will also add code samples from this blog, so that you can pull them directly from there.

I am not getting rid of image0 completely. The name grew on me, so I still use it in some of my profiles.

If this is your first time here, welcome. If you were redirected from, glad to have you back.

Happy New Year and Thanks For Visiting!


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