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OpenXML & Microsoft Word document manipulation using data Sharepoint

I have been involved in a lot more Sharepoint development at work lately – moreso than .Net, so I’ve been kind of busy reading up SDKs and playing with APIs.

On that note, I got a chance to get my hands dirty with some OpenXML 2.0. The cool thing about that was that it was @ Microsoft. Not only did I get to play with it, but met the guys that developed parts of it and even wrote 2,000 of the 6,000 pages of documentation – Tristan Davis and Zeyad Rajabi – who helped me a great deal.

The story that I worked on involved gathering data from Sharepoint lists (some of it fed from the BDC(business data catalog)) and using OpenXML to populate a Word template. The real world scenario behind it is at my company, like I’m sure at a lot of other companies, we have administrative assistants who end up generating the documents for meetings. They just sit there copying and pasting data from various data sources and reports into this document. And there are as many documents generated as there are assistants multiplied by weeks in the year. Seriously – these people end up working 60 hour workweeks.
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