ERROR: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash

WTF is going on? Google Chrome is the best, most stable browser out there. Is it a problem with the page/site I’m on?

Other than the page/site being in flash, which is a whole ‘nother problem of itself, it’s not the page/site. It’s the internal Flash plugin in Google Chrome.

Yeah, but how? Why?

Every once in a while, Google Chrome auto-updates itself and unless you check the About Google Chrome page, you will never know, as it happens “automagically.” Part of the auto-update are the plugins that are bundled with the browser. Sometimes those plugins get updated too. The reason that you are getting a crash is there is a conflict between the Flash plugin that gets bundled with Google Chrome and the Flash plugin installed on your OS, used by your non-Chrome browsers.

The Fix

  1. Open the plugins page in Chrome by going to chrome://plugins in your Google Chrome browser
  2. Make sure the Details on the right-hand side is expanded.
  3. Locate Adobe Flash Player (if it says 2 files, you know there is a conflict).
  4. Disable the plugin whose location is in the Google Chrome directory.
  5. Go to a flash site to test. Adobe’s will do just fine –