If you have chosen to the multiple domain path to implement your multilingual sites, either on your own or based on my previous post, Single Domain vs. Multiple Domain Implementation, the good news that it’s more configuration than development, with the bulk of it being done inside the web.config.

This was tested on Sitecore v6.1, so please perform ample testing when working with other versions.

Default Web.config Sites Section

   <site name="shell" ... />
    <site name="login" ... />
    <site name="testing"... />
    <site name="admin" ... />
    <site name="service" ... />
    <site name="modules_shell" ... />
    <site name="modules_website" ... />
    <site name="website" ... />
    <site name="scheduler" ... />
    <site name="system" ... />
    <site name="publisher" ... />

Your new site entry will go above <site name=”website”>. I didn’t think the order mattered, but according to a Sitecore engineer who helped me debug my issues, it does. It’s a bug in v6.1, which may or may not have been fixed in newer versions.

The Modification – <sites>

<site name="website-uk" targetHostName="www.yoursite.co.uk" hostName="www.yoursite.co.uk" language="en-gb" ... />
      <site name="website" targetHostName="www.yoursite.com" hostName="www.yoursite.com" language="en" ... />

You should also clone the entry for cache sizes.


The <linkManager> manager section also has some modifications. I have changed languageEmbedding to “never,” as it’s not necessary with multiple domains and is also better for SEO not to duplicate your content with multiple access via www.yourdomain.com/mypage.aspx and www.yourdomain.com/en/mypage.aspx going to the same place. I have also changed alwaysIncludeServerUrl to false, as it was causing some incorrect linking in some places.

<add name="sitecore" type="Sitecore.Links.LinkProvider, Sitecore.Kernel" addAspxExtension="true" alwaysIncludeServerUrl="false" encodeNames="true" languageEmbedding="never" languageLocation="filePath" shortenUrls="true" useDisplayName="false" />

Finally, I’ve had to set Rendering.SiteResolving to false as it was also causing issues with links on www.mysite.com showing up as www.mysite.co.uk

<setting name="Rendering.SiteResolving" value="false" />

That’s really it. It took many days and a lot of trial-and-error testing, but I’m happy to say my sites are up and working without a hitch. Hopefully, you will find this useful as well. But please remember – test everything.