Max Slabyak

Deeply rooted from software engineering, cyber security and computer science disciplines, Max brings over 21 years of award-winning IT experience with both, Fortune 500 and running several successful consultancies.

Max Slabyak is an award winning IT Leader, with diverse industry exposure, with an emphasis on Sitecore, web, CMS, e-commerce, cybersecurity, object-oriented programming, database development, .NET development, Sharepoint development, and process development. Hands-on experience with all stages of the software lifecycle process. Proven leadership abilities administering MIS operations and leading a web team of developers and designers.

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HowTo: Undo Check Out / Lock in TFS by another user or workspace

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Scenario Did your fellow broprogrammer leave for the day? Did you reformat your virtual machine or development workstation? When a file gets checked out in TFS, it gets associated not only to a user, but to his/her workspace (the machine/source code folder they are on). That makes it slightly more difficult to [...]

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